2016 / 10 / 12

New iOS version

New iOS version 1.31 now available
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New version iOS now available on the App Store. Whats new? Option to change the customers directly on the mobiles as well as some enhancements that improve the user experience.

Client and location creation/update.
Human resources can now update or create client and location forms directly on their mobile.

Mandatory signature exception.
A new check box “Do not ask for mandatory signature” is now available under the “General” section of the client and location forms and in the tasks “Advance” section. Once checked, this function allows an employee to bypass the mandatory signature.

Consulting the invoiced items on completed task.
It is now possible to consult the invoiced items of a completed task.

Consulting task as an assistant human resource.
If the human resource is an assistant to a task, he can now see this task as read only on the mobile.