2016 / 07 / 24

New version for ProgressionLIVE

Version 4.45 now available
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ProgressionLIVE version 4.45. The new version will be deployed in two batches.  Wednesday July 13th for some and Thursday July 14th for the others, at 10 PM, eastern time. The deployment will take down the service for a maximum of two hours.


New column “Deactivated” for the import/export.
The column allows you to deactivate entities by import. It can also be used to track deactivated entity when exporting.

New field type to link tasks.
It’s now possible to add a link to a task from another task.

New tooltip window in “Planning” mode for the human resource and equipment.
In “Planning” mode when the mouse hovers over the human resource or the equipment a tooltip window now appears. (The information shown in the tooltip window can be personalized with the “Option” button.)


New columns for the email address of the clients and locations in the “List” mode.
The email associated to the client or the location can now be shown in the “List” mode columns.