2016 / 10 / 30

New web version for ProgressionLIVE

New version 4.46 for ProgressionLIVE
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ProgressionLIVE version 4.46. The new version will be deployed in two batches. Thuesday November 1st for some and Wednesday November 2nd for the others, at 10 PM, eastern time. The deployment will take down the service for a maximum of two hours.

Filter "This Week" applied by default on "appointment" in "List" mode.
To improve the performance and speed of navigation in ProgressionLIVE, a default filter has been set up for "Appointment". This filter shows all tasks appointed for the current week.

New fields "Latitude" and "Longitude" in the clients and locations form.
In client and location forms, you now find the fields "Latitude" and "Longitude" in order to geolocate customers more easily.

Added column "Contact" in the "Management / Clients".
It is now possible to add the column "Contact" in "Management / Client" in order to conduct research and apply filters.

“Assistant” and “Master” tasks can now be differentiated in “Planning” mode.
In “Planning” mode, it is now easier to distinguish “Assistant” and “Master” with the tooltip menu.