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ProgressionLIVE is a turnkey solution that fulfills a growing need in service businesses: the need to eliminate paper forms. This simple and flexible technology allows you to manage service calls more efficiently and accelerate billing cycles. Get into high gear!

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  • Very easy to use for everyone
  • No software to install
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Highly secure
  • Integrates with your current software and hardware
Time sheets and work orders

Time sheets and work orders

With ProgressionLIVE, your time sheets are digitized and completed daily and your work orders are ready to send with a simple click! Managing forms has never been so clear and simple. Error rates have never been so low.

Digital time sheets: simple and efficient!

Paper time sheets can be the source of many errors and the time needed to collect them can delay billing and payment, not to mention the possible losses and the administrative burden. How can you avoid these problems? Easy: use ProgressionLIVE! Our mobile solution is made to measure for service businesses. It provides you with a digital time sheet system that allows all your employees to enter their work hours, or that allows your team manager to enter the employees’ hours, all in real time.

The data entered into the digital time sheets is automatically registered and collated. This allows you to track project profitability and to make any necessary adjustments while the project evolves, thus avoiding budget overruns. With just one click, you can obtain the pay report and the productivity report, which you can use to measure individual performance rates. ProgressionLIVE also gives you the option to capture the GPS positioning so you can know the precise geographical position of your employees when they begin and end their work. It’s a useful tool to help you verify the validity and precision of time sheets!

Electronic work orders, to ensure impeccable follow-up

One of the main concerns of service businesses is efficiency: organization, preparation, timely execution and professionalism are your mantra. That’s where ProgressionLIVE’s digital work orders come into play. Integrated into our mobile solution, a digital work order is a shared work document that allows all project stakeholders to collaborate and to adjust all the pertinent information they possess. Not only does it automate processes and compile all your data in one online site, but work orders integrated into ProgressionLIVE also help you to optimize your operations.

It’s very simple to use: the nature of the task to be performed is noted in the work order, which is sent in real time to the designated worker. All the details can be added, including the equipment required. The workers on site complete the work orders themselves. ProgressionLIVE gives them direct access to the product catalogue, where they can select the parts required for the task. Nothing is forgotten, no data is lost! Once the work has been performed, confirmation can be obtained directly on site with an electronic signature. Everything is saved and filed with just one click. Later on, you can easily review the history of all your work orders.

Online billing and mobile payment

Online billing and mobile payment

Accelerate your invoicing and payment process with ProgressionLIVE! Our mobile solution allows you to produce your invoice on site and print it or send it right away. You can also receive payment directly on your mobile device by debit card or credit card. More options for your customers, less waiting for you!

Online invoicing: goodbye paperwork!

Have you had enough of spending long evenings on invoicing? Are you looking for a more efficient invoicing process so you can receive your payments faster? Choose ProgressionLIVE! With our mobile solution, producing an invoice has never been simpler. It takes just a few clicks to create and email an invoice, or to print one directly on site with Bluetooth technology. Our invoicing system is simple and easy to use for everyone.

  • It automatically calculates taxes and totals.
  • It creates and manages customized price lists.
  • It can be linked to your electronic product catalogue.
  • It lets you apply discounts as needed.

Get up to speed with online invoicing. Use ProgressionLIVE!

Mobile payments: quick, simple and secure

You are well aware that a service business sometimes has to deal with undesirable delays in payment. Wouldn’t you like to have a tool that can help you avoid them? Think mobile payment! ProgressionLIVE’s highly secure mobile payment solution makes your life simpler in every way. It allows you to collect payment as soon as the work is completed, directly on site. It’s faster for you and your customers and it reduces your administrative tasks: less bills to send and receive, less trips to the bank to deposit payments! With ProgressionLIVE, a simple Bluetooth accessory transforms your mobile device into a secure terminal based on PIN and chip technology that accepts payment by debit card and credit card.

Electronic signatures

Electronic signatures

Obtain your customers’ e-signature directly on site! Transfer your forms instantly and accelerate the processing of your invoices. Discover the true meaning of the word efficiency.

Taking photos

Taking photos

Take photos of completed work with the photo function integrated into our mobile solution and automatically archive them in customer files! Should a dispute arise, you’ll be protected and resolution will be simpler. Smart, quick and easy!

Taking photos with ProgressionLIVE: a picture is worth a thousand words!

Everyone knows that photos have the unique ability to contain, and communicate, a large amount of information quickly and easily. Therefore, photography is a precious tool for workers in the field who want to give updates on work progress, provide proof or archive information in a visual format. Thanks to the photo function provided by ProgressionLIVE, you can give all your employees an easy way to take photos in order to communicate:

  • the nature of the completed work;
  • the state of the job site before and after work;
  • the quality of the completed work;
  • any situation that is non-conforming or requires visual explanation.

ProgressionLIVE even allows you to add photo taking as a required field in your forms, if you want this practice to be routinely included in your service delivery. Integrated photo taking is both:

  • enabling for your work team, because everyone has access to the visuals that show the details and the progress of the work; and
  • reassuring for your customers, because it shows your professionalism and thoroughness.

Moreover, it provides you with solid protection in case any dispute arises!

But there's more

There’s still more to see! ProgressionLIVE offers you a wide array of functionalities which all aim to let you perform your functions in the best possible conditions.

  • Automatic emails and SMS to customers

    Automatic emails and SMS to customers

  • Producing productivity reports

    Producing productivity reports

  • Real time data transfer

    Real time data transfer

  • Customized forms for your business

    Customized forms for your business