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ProgressionLIVE is aimed directly at any transportation business that needs an efficient solution to manage what happens before, during and after transport. Optimize all your delivery operations, from dispatching to tracking!

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  • Highly secure
  • Integrates with your current software and hardware
Electronic signatures

Electronic signatures

With ProgressionLIVE, you obtain your customers’ electronic signatures directly on your mobile device within your digital forms. It’s simple for your employees, quick for your customers and secure for your data!

Digital signature: undeniable proof of delivery

The digital signature function integrated into our mobile solution ensures significant savings in time, resources and energy. It allows you not only to instantly authenticate confirmation of delivery, but also to register and archive it safely in real time. ProgressionLIVE’s electronic signature tool therefore serves as an important means of protection in case of uncertainty or dispute, because it avoids the loss of a fundamental element of proof. Also note that an electronic signature guarantees the integrity of collected information with the same legal validity as a handwritten signature. For an even more complete proof of delivery, electronic signatures can be combined with photo taking, which is also available in the ProgressionLIVE solution.

Automatic email and SMS to customers

Automatic email and SMS to customers

With just one click, send an automatic notification to your customers via email or SMS, for status, confirmation and/or proof of delivery. It’s that quick, direct and simple.

GPS vehicle tracking

GPS vehicle tracking

Keep track of your deliveries in real time with GPS tracking and mapping. Quickly locate your employees and check their travel logs. An available option is customized optimization of delivery routes. Do more with less!

Bar code reader

Bar code reader

Confirm your shipping and receiving with the bar code reader. You’ll need just one tool: your mobile device!

But there's more

ProgressionLIVE also gives you access to many other practical functionalities which you will find very useful. Updating your work methods has never been easier!

  • Mobile billing and payment

    Mobile billing and payment

  • On-site printing

    On-site printing

  • Real time data transfer

    Real time data transfer

  • Customized forms for your business

    Customized forms for your business