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Hundreds of businesses and thousands of users have already chosen ProgressionLIVE. Some of them have graciously accepted to provide us with a testimonial about their experience. See the positive impact our application had on their businesses and gauge the impact it could have on yours!

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Jean-François Bherer

ProgressionLIVE is used by all of our drivers and our subcontractors. This allowed us to increase our efficiency and reduce our transportation cost of more than 15% annually.

  • Jean-François Bherer
    Director at Manderley
    Albert,Ontario et Québec
  • Manderley
Carl Verreault

ProgressionLIVE is a flexible tool that allows us to remain competitive in a constantly changing field and makes us gain competence in economics and productivity.

  • Carl Verreault
    President at TCV
    Vaudreuil, QC
  • TCV
François Leclerc

Our company uses ProgressionLIVE as distribution system for service calls and to monitor construction sites. The real-time interaction between the operating department and mobile phones technicians provide great savings related to travel and a good flow of information. The application also allows us to keep traceability for tracking customers. The benefits: Save time and money due to a greater cohesion between the distribution, customer, operations and accounting (SAGE50)

  • François Leclerc
    Dir. operations at Groupe Expert Drain
    Sherbrooke, QC
  • Groupe Expert Drain
Serge Pronovost

Progression can effectively organize our delivery routes and track our delivery in real time. Our invoices are clean, legible and prices are in line with our policies. Our financial statements are now available from the first days of the month since our sales are known in real time and communicate directly with our Progression accounting software.

  • Serge Pronovost
    Dir. Generally at 83 PPM
    Village Blanchard, NB
  • 83 PPM
Alexandre Biron

Since using ProgressionLIVE, we save considerable time between the call service and billing, among the service call and order parts. If we must return, technicians no longer come to the office to work orders. We have history and statistics on the number of service call, INCREDIBLE.

  • Alexandre Biron
    Dir. operations at Desjardins Alarmes
    Montréal, QC
  • Desjardins Alarmes