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ProgressionLIVE is a turnkey solution that fulfills a growing need in service businesses: the need to eliminate paper forms. See features.

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This simple and flexible technology allows you to manage service calls more efficiently and accelerate billing cycles. Get into high gear!

Electronic Signature

Obtain your customers’ e-signature directly on site! Transfer your forms instantly and accelerate the processing of your invoices. Discover the true meaning of the word efficiency.

Fonctionnalités de bon de travail du logiciel de dispatch de ProgressionLIVE

Time sheets and work orders

With ProgressionLIVE, your time sheets are digitized and completed daily and your work orders are ready to send with a simple click! Managing forms has never been so clear and simple. Error rates have never been so low.

Fonctionnalités de paiement mobile du logiciel de dispatch de ProgressionLIVE

Online billing and mobile payment

Accelerate your invoicing and payment process with ProgressionLIVE! Our mobile solution allows you to produce your invoice on site and print it or send it right away. You can also receive payment directly on your mobile device by debit card or credit card.

Fonctionnalités de suivi GPS du logiciel de dispatch de ProgressionLIVE

GPS tracking of your employees

GPS tracking of your employees keeps track of mobile device traffic where a ProgressionLIVE account is connected. This allows, among other things, to verify the authenticity and accuracy of timesheets.

Fonctionnalités de scan du logiciel de dispatch de ProgressionLIVE

Bar Code Reader

ProgressionLIVE allows you to read the barcodes of your products by your employees on the field, directly on their mobile device, for quick entry of products on billing and maintaining inventory.

Fonctionnalités du logiciel de dispatch de ProgressionLIVE

Live Data transfer

With our dispatch software, any changes made to your account are transferred in real time to all ProgressionLIVE accounts of your company. Your employees have access to live data that is updated in real time.

Fonctionnalités de prise de photos du logiciel de dispatch de ProgressionLIVE


Take photos of completed work with the photo function integrated into our mobile solution and automatically archive them in customer files! Should a dispute arise, you’ll be protected and resolution will be simpler. Smart, quick and easy!

Fonctionnalités d'envoi de courriels et sms de ProgressionLIVE

Automatic sending of email and SMS

ProgressionLIVE allows you to generate an automatic email and SMS sending to notify your customers of the progress of the work, based on changes in the status of tasks performed by your employees on the field.

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Our software integrates with your software and equipment already in place.

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Our dispatch software is very easy to use for everyone.