Nathalie, nouvelle directrice générale chez ProgressionLIVE

New General Manager at ProgressionLIVE!

Nathalie Sarault was named general manager last December.

Changes Within the Company

During the last year, several changes have occurred at ProgressionLIVE. Indeed, the creation of a Management Committee and an Advisory Committee has led the management of the company to make changes to its structure to ensure its growth in the coming years. Thus, last December, Louis-Philippe Poulin delegated the role of General Manager to Nathalie Sarault who occupied that of Project Panager. Note that Louis-Philippe will continue to assume the presidency and will focus on the strategic positioning of the company.

10 Years of Management Experience

Our new General Manager has 10 years of management experience, including a six-year General Manager position with the Organisme de bassins versants des rivières du Loup et des Yamachiche ( In addition, Nathalie’s training is characterized by management skills development training in 2012 and a semi-private training in human resources management in 2015.

From Technical Support to General Manager

Within the company, Nathalie held many positions before becoming General Manager last December. Indeed, when she arrived in 2016, Nathalie started technical support to learn how ProgressionLIVE works. Then, she went on to replace the product’s quality assurance, where she tested the various features of the software. Then, she held a position of Project Manager for more than a year, where this experience will be very useful in her role as director of customer integration that she has held for a few months.

Finally, Nathalie has been named General Manager, where she will focus on the implementation of decisions made by the Management Committee. It will also convey strategic directions, vision, mission and values ​​in a concrete way to the different departments. Nathalie is an example of the advancement possibilities that Vie@ProgressionLIVE offers.

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