Top 10 Most Requested Features (1st quarter 2019)

Results of a Survey Conducted Last December With Our Customers

Last December, we conducted a survey with our customers to find out their interest in new features to develop. These were invited to vote for their Top 10, ranking in order of preference the features they would like to see developed first by our programmers. The survey was accessible via our newsletter and our web interface between December 5 and 22, 2018. We share today the Top 10 Features of the results obtained and those that will be developed during the next quarter.


Prevent the Progress of a Task on Mobile if Another is in Progress

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

To date, a user on the mobile application is, by default, able to progress a task, even if another is in progress. For example, if a job is at the “Started Jobs” state and the user has’nt completed the job, they can open another job and progress it to “On the Way” state. This can cause oversights and tasks cannot be closed in time.

Potential Feature

We had considered the possibility of preventing a user from progressing a task, if a previous one wasn’t completed, using a new configuration. Thus, any task should be progressed to the “Completed” state before it can change the state of another task.

Note : 4.44

However, this additional feature is the least requested among all those offered in our survey. In fact, 47% of respondents rated this feature in 8th, 9th or even 10th position. Thus, with the lowest average of 4.44 / 10, the ability to prevent the progress of a task while another is in progress ranks 10th in our Top 10 Features.


Data Validation of Task’s Fields

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

Currently, the fields of a task have no restrictions on the data entered (e.g. alphanumeric characters, character limits, range of values, etc.). Thus, it’s impossible to have standards in the creation of tasks for some of our customers.

Potential Feature

Potentially, we would add the possibility of having a validation of fields according to precise criteria. (e.g. The field must have a value between 1 and 50 or the field must contain a maximum of 50 characters.) Which would allow to have standards in the creation of the task and to have precise and valid values.

Note : 4.72

Despite the fact that this option is presenting de facto in several applications, it seems that it’s not appreciated by our customers. While only 2 respondents out of 134 placed it in 1st position. That’s why with an average of 4.72 / 10, data validation for some fields ranks 9th in our Top 10 Features.


Hide Unused Tabs in Some Windows

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

When opening a popup window for the creation of an item in our web interface, it’s possible to enter information in several tabs. However, many of them are rarely used (e.g. Actions, Assigned Employees, Associated Products, etc.).

Potential Feature

We proposed the possibility to hide unused tabs in the Tasks, Clients, Locations and Products windows. Thus, these tabs could be hidden or displayed at the customer’s wish and according to his needs.

Note : 4.83

However, this opportunity didn’t impress our respondents, while only 16 respondents out of 134 ranked it in 1st or 2nd position. In short, with a score of 4.83 / 10, this possibility doesn’t even reach an average rating of 50%. That’s why the Hide Unused Tabs feature in some windows ranks 8th in our Top 10 Features.


Improved Assistant Module

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

The Assistant module currently allows you to assign a task to more than one human resource at a time. Indeed, it’s possible to assign the task to a main human resource (e.g. team leader) who’s then in charge of the task. It can add, modify and delete elements of the work order (if it has the required permission). While the assistants are read-only on the task and they can only enter their time entries (if the Time Sheet module is enabled).

Potential Feature

Thus, the improvement of the module would consist in the addition of a filter for the assistants in the List and Planning mode. This would filter the tasks of a particular assistant in these modes. In addition, we would add an icon on mobiles when there is an assistant in the task.

Note : 4.89

Unfortunately, this feature didn’t attract our customers since it was ranked first by only 4 of our respondents out of 134. In short, the improvement of the Assistant module obtained a score of 4.89 / 10 and ranks 7th in our Top 10 Features.


Put Mandatory Fields Under Conditions

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

In the current version of ProgressionLIVE, it’s possible to put mandatory fields in a task, a client, and so on. For example, it may be mandatory to enter a customer’s name or job summary. However, it’s not currently possible to set one or more required fields according to another.

Potential Feature

This is why we analyzed the possibility of putting conditional fields under condition(s). (e.g. The field “Work done” is mandatory, only if the field “Work to be done” is filled in or the field “Reason of non-delivery” is mandatory if the quantities are not all confirmed.)

Note : 5.04

This possible improvement was appreciated by many of our respondents, but its position in the rankings was quite mixed. We can even deduce that at 50%, this feature would be appreciated by our customers. In short, with a rating of 5.04 / 10, placing mandatory fields under certain conditions is ranked 6th in our Top 10 Features.


Improved Time Sheet Module

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

Since its creation, our Time Sheet module has been serving many of our customers. However, some custom developments had to be developed for some of them because it didn’t meet 100% of their needs. For example, it didn’t effectively manage overtime and work teams.

Potential Feature

Our idea of improving the module was the ability to manage the minimum times per task; manage overtime (half and double) to prevent users from changing their time entries after a given state; and duplicate time entries on mobile devices between employees, to simplify management of work teams.

Note : 5.80

Despite the fact that this module is complementary to our basic ProgressionLIVE solution and incurs additional costs, our respondents are quite receptive to its improvement. Indeed, more than 30% of respondents have placed this improvement on the podium of features. But with 22 respondents placing it at the bottom of their rankings, the improvement of the Time Sheet module is ranked 5th in our Top 10 Features.


Notification When Adding Information on an In-progress Task

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

Currently, if a dispatcher attempts to add information to a current job, it will be lost if the mobile application isn’t refreshed.

Potential Feature

Thus, our solution would be to display a message to the dispatcher indicating that the task is in progress or to prevent it from modifying an ongoing task.

Note : 5.85

Surprisingly, this notification was highly appreciated by the respondents of our survey. Indeed, 44% of them placed it in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position, against only 19% in 8th, 9th or 10th position of their classification. In short, the ability to add a notification when adding information about an ongoing task ranks 4th in our Top 10 Features with an average of 5.85 out of a possible 10.


Improvement of the Priority Comment System

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

Our new priority comment system has been a hit with our customers since it was launched a few weeks ago. Indeed, when a comment is categorized priority by the dispatcher in a task, the user can see a popup appear when he opens the task on the mobile application.

Potential Feature

Thus, the improvement of this functionality would consist of the addition of a popup window on the web interface, when there is a priority comment. In addition, it would be a question of adding an icon beside a task in List and Planning mode when there’s a comment in a task. Then, we would add an indicator on the web interface that allows to quickly visualize the number of comments in a task and allow users to create comments on their mobile devices.

Note : 5.89

As mentioned above, this feature is greatly appreciated by our customers and the possibility to improve its operation is also appreciated. Indeed, 63% of respondents ranked it in the top 5 positions of the ranking. In short, with a rating of 5.89 out of 10, the improvement of the priority comment system occupies the 3rd position of our Top 10 Features.


Alert Window in a Task in Case of Problem With a Client

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

To date, ProgressionLIVE doesn’t support client management when creating a task. For example, it doesn’t warn when the client chosen in a task has any particularity.

Potential Feature

Thus, we would add the possibility to add a comment in the client (e.g. In case of bad credit, don’t send this human resource, etc.), which would be displayed when a task was created for this client.

Note : 6.48

Simple functionality, but that seems to greatly attract the desires of our respondents and our customers. This would allow for better internal management of tasks in your organization. That’s why 29 respondents ranked it in 1st place and only 24% ranked it in 7th position or more. In short, the ability to add an alert window to a task in case of a problem with a client occupies the 2nd position of our Top 10 Features with a score of 6.48 out of 10.


Added a Button “Send by Email” in Task’s Window

Top 10 Fonctionnalitées

Current Feature

Currently, the PDF work order of a task is sent, by default, to the client when it’s completed by the technician and signed by the client. It is therefore not possible to send the work order by email to the client at another later or previous time.

Potential Feature

Thus, we would potentially add a button that would send the work order in PDF version at any time and regardless of the task’s state. This button would be located within the task itself and a dispatcher or administrator could judge himself the best time to send the work order.

Note : 7.08

The “winning” feature of our survey is unquestionably this one, while 50% of respondents gave it a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Thus, with a score of 7.08 out of 10, the addition of a button “Send by email” in the tasks which allows to send the work order at any time occupies the 1st position of the features that our customers would like to see develop by our programmers.

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