Module Entreposage de CourrierPRO

New CourrierPRO Warehousing Module

CourierPRO Launches New Warehouse Management Functionality

Warehousing Module

In the last year, we worked on programming a new warehouse management module. So, we recently launched the Warehousing module, which is now available to CourrierPRO users who wish to purchase it. Contact Technical Support for pricing and training by our Project Manager.

As a CourrierPRO user, the Warehousing module lets you, among other things, rent space in your warehouse, manage inventory and make deliveries for your customers. So you can send and receive inventory from your customers and charge for the space in your warehouse.

Warehousing Module

Indeed, our CourrierPRO software allows you to make stock receipts, to process the orders of your customers and to charge monthly rent for the space occupied by your customers. You are able to manage your warehouses, locations and quantities of products (pallets, parcels, units) of your customers.

Using the module, the billing of storage charges is simple and easy to use. You are therefore able to charge your customers for rent. In addition to invoicing a receipt or a shipment of stock, by product type.

Finally, your customers may also have access to a web portal. The latter allows customers to view their inventory of products in your warehouses and see their invoices. The web portal also offers the possibility to generate reports.

About CourrierPRO

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CourrierPRO is a management software specialized in transport and logistics efficient for tracking parcels and pallets. Reference in transport and logistics for over 35 years in Quebec, CourrierPRO was acquired in May 2017 by Diffusion Solutions Intégrées, which also develops ProgressionLIVE dispatch software.

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