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ProgressionLIVE in prebeta on Zapier

Try ProgressionLIVE integration in Zapier before everyone else!

Since a few months, we are working on the development of a ProgressionLIVE application for the Zapier platform. Thus, after a first phase of development, we are ready to launch our application in prebeta phase. This phase is not available to the general public and is by invitation only. That’s why you will not find our application on the website. However, we offer our loyal customers to test version 1.0.1 before anyone else.

Indeed, before making our application available to the general public on Zapier, it must be tested by at least 10 users. That’s why today you are lucky to be among the first to test ProgressionLIVE on Zapier. Later in this article I will explain how to get access to this prebeta. But before, let’s see what Zapier is, how it works and what you can do between ProgressionLIVE and Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that automates recurring tasks by connecting applications to each other. Thus, more than 1,000 applications are available on the platform, such as Google Calendar, GMail, MailChimp, Facebook, etc.

Source : Partner Kit, Zapier

How it works?

An integration between one application and another in Zapier is called a Zap. A Zap is easy and quick to set up and you do not have to be a programmer to do it. The platform works primarily with Triggers and Actions. Thus, where a user configures an action to be performed in one application based on an event in another.

Here’s a very common concrete example in the industry: Subscribe new Facebook Lead Ad leads to a MailChimp list

Source: Partner Kit, Zapier
In this case, the new Facebook Lead Ads lead acts as the Zap’s Trigger and the addition to the MailChimp list is Zap’s Action.

What can you do with ProgressionLIVE and Zapier?

Available Events

There are currently two (2) possible events in this integration:

  1. Perform an action when a task changes state;
  2. Perform an action when a task is updated.

Available Actions

There are currently six (6) possible actions in this integration:

  1. Create a task based on an event;
  2. Create or update a customer based on an event
  3. Create or update a contact based on an event
  4. Find a product based on an event
  5. Find a customer based on an event
  6. Find a location based on an event.

Here are some examples of possible Zap between ProgressionLIVE and common applications:

  • MailChimp: Create or update a client in ProgressionLIVE (Action), when there is a new registrant in a MailChimp list (Trigger);
  • GMail: Send an email to (Action), when a task is updated in ProgressionLIVE (Trigger);
  • Google Calendar: Add an event to a calendar (Action), when a task is progressed to the Sent State (Trigger).

Step by step tutorial

ProgressionLIVE – Trigger

1- Click on Make a Zap!

2- Type ProgressionLIVE in the search bar Choose a Trigger App and choose our app

3- Choose one trigger in Select Progression LIVE (1.0.1) Trigger section

4- Click on Connect an Account and type your web adress in Account URL field and your API Key (find it in your ProgressionLIVE account)

5- Set up options in Set up ProgressionLIVE (1.0.1) State

6- Fetch and Continue

ProgressionLIVE – Actions

1- Type ProgressionLIVE in the search bar Choose a Action App and choose our app

2- Choose one action in Select Progression LIVE (1.0.1) Action section

3- Click on Connect an Account and type your web adress in Account URL field and your API Key (find it in your ProgressionLIVE account)

4- Edit template in Set up ProgressionLIVE (1.0.1) Task

5- Send Test to ProgressionLIVE

How to access the prebeta version?

Are you interested in trying the prebeta version of ProgressionLIVE on Zapier before everyone else? We will give invitations to a limited number of people. Thus, if you wish to test our app ProgressionLIVE on Zapier,  please get in touch with us at Your request will be analyzed and we will send you the invitation link if it is accepted.

Zapier online documentation

The basics of Zapier ->

Creating a Zap ->

A problem with a Zap? ->

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