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About Diffusion Solutions Intégrées, developer of ProgressionLIVE dispatch software.

About Diffusion Solutions Intégrées

Our story

In 2001, Louis-Philippe Poulin was doing a computer internship in an SME where about forty technicians filled out paper work orders and had to call the office to indicate the status of their work.

In order to help the SME to be more productive, it has taken the initiative to develop an important web page the tasks to be performed and making them accessible on technicians’ phones. Always used by the company, it is the ancestor of ProgressionLIVE.

A few years later, Louis-Philippe started Diffusion Solutions Intégrées with his childhood friend Pierre-David Bélanger, in order to offer their IT services to SMEs and eventually develop ProgressionLIVE.


Indeed, helping to make a difference has always been their will. That’s why they also offered different services (applications, websites, emails, etc.) to SMEs to make them more professional and productive. In short, they quickly became their computer consultants and consultants.

They quickly realized that ProgressionLIVE was in great demand because of its simplicity for technicians with little computer skills. This forced them to abandon designing custom apps and websites and to expand the team to focus on their flagship product.

Since their first customer in 2007, the needs of nearly 500 customers have shaped the application over time. Mobility, integration with accounting software, humanization of software and personalization have been the pillars of growth and differentiation of the company.

Although cliché, our customers often mention that we have changed their lives by optimizing their productivity. Most saw their number of tasks processed and their revenues increase drastically with the implementation of our solution.

Today, ProgressionLIVE has more than 30 employees ready to help make a difference for SMBs while having fun. How do we get there? It’s doing things seriously without taking yourself seriously. #VieÀProgressionLIVE

Our reason for being

“Help to make a difference.” is at the heart of ProgressionLIVE’s identity.

Our mission

Contribute to the success of companies by providing them with our expertise, our knowledge and our time to optimize their daily productivity.

Our vision

Be the leader in the management of work orders in North America.

Our values


For us, fun is to do things seriously without taking ourselves seriously.

Mutual Aid

For us, mutual aid is the desire to raise others to see them go beyond us.


For us, innovation means injecting a dose of creativity into everyday problems.


For us, listening is to hear what is not said.


For us, involvement is to invest in the success of the organization to achieve.

Our personality

We are humans

We are approachable, understanding, dedicated and ambitious! We always put our employees first so that you can identify those who improve your daily life.

We are simples

Just like our solution! We avoid confusing our clientele with terms that are too “informative”, processes that are too complex or visuals that are too busy.

We are flexibles

We are deeply interested in helping SMEs make a difference in their operations. We adapt to the equipment and processes already in place at our customers.

Some Fun Facts

  • 2006

    Creation of
    the company

  • 2007

    mobile app

  • 2007

    First customer
    in Canada

  • 2008

    1st place at
    UQAM contest

  • 2009

    Montreal office

  • 2010

    Apple iOS
    mobile app

  • 2011

    mobile app

  • 2011

    Granby office

  • 2012

    Trois-Rivieres office

  • 2014

    First customer
    in Mexico

  • 2015

    optimization module

  • 2017

    First customer
    in United States

  • 2017