Our history

In 2001, Louis-Philippe Poulin was completing an internship in computer science at an SME where about forty technicians filled out paper work orders and had to call the office to report the status of their tasks.


To help the SME become more productive, he took the initiative to develop a web page that imports tasks to be done and makes them accessible on the technicians’ phones. Still used by the company, it is the ancestor of ProgressionLIVE.


A few years later, Louis-Philippe started the company Diffusion Solutions Intégrées with his childhood friend Pierre-David Bélanger, in order to offer their IT services to SMEs and eventually develop ProgressionLIVE.

Growing since 2006

The desire to make a difference has always driven them. That’s why they also offered various services (applications, websites, emails, etc.) to SMEs to make them more professional and productive. In short, they quickly became their IT advisors and consultants.


They soon realized that ProgressionLIVE was in high demand among technicians with limited computer skills due to its simplicity. This reality forced them to abandon the design of custom applications and websites and to expand the team to focus on their flagship product.


Since their first client in 2007, the needs of nearly 900 clients have shaped the ProgressionLIVE application over time. Mobility, integration with accounting software, software improvement, and customization have been the pillars of the company’s growth and differentiation.

Although it may sound cliché, our clients often mention that we have changed their lives by optimizing their productivity. Most have seen their number of tasks processed and their revenues soar with the implementation of our solution.

Today, ProgressionLIVE has more than 40 employees ready to help SMEs while having fun. How do we do it? By taking things seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.