Avoid wasting time and money with Progression.

Hundreds of plumbers integrate Progression into their daily operations. Whether it’s distributing tasks, sending a text message before your arrival, or even capturing photos to validate that the piping is installed according to standards, we assist you every day in making each service call a success for your clients.

They've stopped wasting time

What's Our Secret?

Our software and modules are developed in collaboration with experienced plumbers who provide us with insights into their operational practices. This collaborative approach has allowed us to optimize Progression since 2006, tailoring it to meet your daily needs, whether you operate a small business out of a truck or a larger plumbing company.

How does Progression work for plumbing contractors?

Call Answering

Upon customer contact, promptly create or update their file in the system.


Submit a quote or directly create the task, providing detailed information on the work and required parts.


Assign the task and set the meeting date. The technician receives the details on their mobile device.


During the job, the technician records notes and takes photos in the app to document the work done.


Once the task is completed, all information is updated in the web software, allowing you to invoice on the same day.


Send a satisfaction survey to your customer to enhance your services.

Key features for plumbing

Progression provides visibility into all your work, allowing you to enhance efficiency while maintaining thorough traceability of your operations.

Work orders
Planning and dispatch

“Before, we had files on Windows for all service calls and we texted jobs to the guys. […] Finding information quickly and efficiently is the crux of the matter and ProgressionLIVE helped us.”

Alexandre Daigle, Project Manager/Design & Estimation

Don't worry about your accounting

Progression integrates with several accounting systems.

No more duplicate data entry!

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