Work orders

Create your electronic work orders on our web interface and complete them on your mobile device.


Fill out your work orders in Progression, add details of the work to be done, take photos, and have the customer sign.

Quick and Easy Work Order Completion

In just a few clicks, select the appointment date, the employee who will carry out the work, the summary, the description, the client, and the location of the task. Everything is simplified to help you complete your work orders quickly and easily.

Real-time Job Tracking

Monitor work carried out in the field in real-time from a simple interface. Stay informed of the progress of each task and react quickly when necessary.

Add Photos for Optimal Information Management

Include photos to document the completed work. Keep track of the different steps and the status at the end of each task.

Fast, Efficient Invoicing

Generate the invoice quickly at the end of the job using the information entered in the work order module. Save valuable time by avoiding redundant administrative tasks and double data entry.

Don’t wait any longer! Optimize the management of your operations with Progression.

Try our solution now to track work in real time, generate invoices efficiently, and finally get rid of paper.