Automation module

Our automation module allows you to improve Progression yourself so that your processes are even better integrated into our solution.

Many automations are free.

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How does it work?


Get a Growth or Enterprise account

The automation module is activated in all ProgressionLIVE Growth and Enterprise accounts.


Access the automation library

In your ProgressionLIVE account, go to the Management tab. The automation module is one of the options.


Configure your automations by following the steps shown.

Choose the automation you want, then configure it yourself in just a few clicks.


Find out more about our automations and how to make the most of them in ProgressionLIVE

1. Automated emailing

How does it work?

Fill in the e-mail subject and message. Select a job type and a specific step. We will send the email automatically when the criteria are met.

Here are a few examples:
  • – Send invoice on completion of work

  • – Notify your employees of important milestones

  • – Send documents about upcoming projects

2. Automated SMS sending

How does it work?

Compose the message and choose a specific job type and stage. We will send the text message (SMS) automatically when the criteria are met.

Here are a few examples:
  • – Notify your employees of important milestones

  • – Let customers know you’re on your way

  • – Notify administration that billing is ready

3. Invoice consolidation

How does it work?

Automatically consolidate invoices and attachments from multiple jobs into a single invoice.

Here are a few examples:
  • – Manage large-scale projects requiring the consolidation of multiple invoices

  • – Invoice all a customer’s work at once, on a single invoice

  • – Consolidate all job photos and attachments into a single project

*Premium automation

4. Task creation on transition

How does it work?

Automatically create tasks to be done when another task reaches a specific milestone.

Here are a few examples:

– Create a task for work to be done when a quote is accepted
– Create a reminder task at the end of the job
– Create a new quote from an existing job


Automation module


What's included:

  • All free automations
  • Automated email sending
  • Automated SMS sending
  • Creation of task on transition
  • Adding a fixed price item


Access to the automation module is free of charge. However, some “premium” automations have a monthly fee.

Once in the automation module, you have access to the automations available in your Progression account. When you choose one, simply follow the steps on the form. To obtain premium automation, you must activate payment.

No, the automation module lets you create your own automations by choosing from our library. Of course, we have a number of help articles, and we’re always available if you need assistance.

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