Career opportunities at Progression

At Progression, employee happiness is a priority. We offer a flexible schedule, teleworking and a 4-day week, because we believe that the quality of life of our employees is essential to their professional development.


We encourage creativity and innovation by involving our employees in decisions about working conditions. We believe that every voice counts, because it is together that we can change things.


We are convinced that our innovative approach to human resources contributes to the success of our company and the happiness of our employees. If you are looking for a dynamic company where you can grow professionally while having fun, join our team!

What do the conditions look like?

Yes, the real thing, with no reduction in salary. Are you skeptical? It’s all over the media.

You can telecommute all the time, but you can also use our offices in Trois-Rivières whenever you like. Freedom here isn’t just a concept, it’s real. We all know what it’s like to have responsibilities or passions outside work.

Money talks, as they say, and you can discuss it every year.

Three months after your arrival, you can join our group insurance plan, 50% of which is paid for by Progression. You can even include your family in your insurance plan.

Six months after your arrival, we invite you to take part in our RPDB. Basically, you can contribute to an RRSP with us, and we’ll match your contribution up to a certain percentage based on your seniority. Basically, we’re helping you prepare for retirement!

Three months after your arrival, you’ll have access to 3 weeks’ paid vacation.

Even if we work behind a screen, we’re real activity babies! We frequently organize in-house events such as games, outings or sports activities.

We know that our employees are good, but we give them the opportunity to improve. It’s a win-win situation.

Pleasure is a deep-rooted value with us. It’s hard to put a price on fun, but they still give you $200 a year to have fun with colleagues or to pay for your gym membership!

It goes without saying that we provide you with all the materials you need for your work. You also benefit from an additional budget for your office equipment. It also includes a telecommuting budget of $250 to be comfortable wherever you are.

And yes! When you come to the office, we’ll keep you awake and focused with good coffee and the best pastries around.

Ready for your new career?

Do you recognize yourself? Check out our job offers! (And if our positions are all filled, don’t hesitate to submit a spontaneous application!)

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