Submission management

Manage your submissions efficiently with Progression. From creation to acceptance, follow every step of your submission and be notified when necessary. Automatically turn your accepted submissions into work orders.

Easily create and manage your submissions

Create and send quotes to your clients quickly. Attach all necessary documents. Track the status of each submission in real time. Receive notifications to be informed of important changes like accepting or rejecting a submission.

Optimal organization of your submissions

Organize and filter your submissions based on different criteria like type, client, project or status. Easily find all the quotes you need and save valuable time by avoiding tedious searches.

From bid to work order

Convert each accepted submission into a work order as soon as it is accepted. Respond to service calls faster. No more wasting time between signing a quote and completing it in the field.

Are you hesitating? Think about how much time you will save by improving your submission management. You won’t go back!