Simplify your timesheet management

Stop wasting time on timesheet management. Manage employee time electronically with Progression and free up time to focus on what truly matters.

All your timesheets in one place

Automatically track your employees’ time based on tasks completed during the day. Differentiate between various activities such as time spent on the road or on actual work. Associate time with completed jobs and generate detailed time entry reports.

Easier than managing paper

Progression automatically calculates the time spent on different activities. Employees can also manually enter time using the mobile application. Time entries are accessible in real-time, both in the office and on mobile devices.

Why digital timesheets?

Check the authenticity

Verify and validate your employees' hours. Thanks to the geolocation of each time entry, you can ensure the position of each employee at the time of clocking.

Data accuracy

Each time entry is stored in Progression. If a time entry is manually edited by an employee, you have access to the original record.

Approve the time

Approve time entries quickly and transfer them to your payroll software.

Is your company governed by the CCQ?

We have a tailor-made solution for construction companies that want to digitize their timesheets.


Simplify approval of hours worked

Opening hours

Distribute your teams


Keep track of all quantities used on your projects

Equipment & machinery

Track your equipment usage costs

Project photos

Centralize your project photos in one place

Plans & documents

Centralize and share documents by project

Income & expenses

Visualize project profitability in real time

Daily reports

Create daily job reports with weather


Automatically manage breaks, lunches and signatures