Équipe de CourrierPRO

Acquisition of CourrierPRO: 1 year later

Review of improvements since its acquisition and future projects

From left to right : Sébastien Labrie, VP Sales & Customer Experience – Michel Tardy, Senior Programmer – Alain Lavoie, Senior Consultant – Cédric Sozzani, Project Manager – Louis-Philippe Poulin, President. Missing from the photo: Nicolas Bourdeau, VP Technologies

On June 1, 2017, Diffusion Integrated Solutions announced the acquisition of Logimpact. The latter was then developer of CourrierPRO transport and logistics software. On the one hand, the former owner of the company, Alain Lavoie, was looking for dynamic entrepreneurs who wanted to take over his business.

On the other hand, the objective of Louis-Philippe Poulin, owner of Diffusion Integrated Solutions was to continue its expansion, consolidate its client base and increase its presence in the field of transport and logistics. Twelve months later, ProgressionLIVE developers can say mission successful, while many improvements have been made to the solution.

A new dedicated employee

One of the improvements has been to dedicate a human resource to CourrierPRO to ensure Mr.Lavoie’s transition. Thus, in mid-March, the ProgressionLIVE team named their former Technical Support Manager, Cédric Sozzani, as Project Manager CourrierPRO. In fact, since March 19, Cédric is in charge of new installations, installation of updates and software change requests.

New warehouse management module

Recently, we deployed a new module for CourrierPRO: the Warehousing module. As a CourrierPRO user, this module allows you, among other things, to rent space in your warehouse, manage inventory and make deliveries for your customers.

So you can send and receive inventory from your customers and charge for the space in your warehouse. In addition, it allows you to rent space in your warehouse, manage inventory and make deliveries for your customers. So you can send and receive inventory from your customers and charge for the space in your warehouse.

New CourrierPRO Warehousing Module - CourrierPRO

New CourrierPRO Warehousing Module – CourrierPRO

10 new customers and 6 software updates

During the past year, we have obtained nearly ten (10) new customers of our solution CourrierPRO, from the fields of transport and logistics. With its additional customers, CourrierPRO currently has more than 50 clients, most of whom are based in Quebec. In addition, we have made six (6) updates to our software during the same period.

Extension of technical support opening hours

As a result of increased customer and product improvements, we have extended the hours of support for CourrierPRO. These are now in line with ProgressionLIVE, Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm (EST). Our technical support agents are available by phone at 1-866-670-0516, by email at support@courrierpro.ca and by online chat on our website.


Upcoming software improvements

Finally, in this wave of improvements, we are now turning to the second year of CourrierPRO in the ProgressionLIVE family. Indeed, we have several projects in mind and some of them are already being programmed. To that end, we recently convened a few clients for a focus group to discuss what improvements they would like to have in our solution.

Among these, there is a module for optimizing routes, timesheets, tracking packages, rescheduling deliveries and redesigning the client web platform. In short, the development of CourrierPRO is far from complete and we intend to evolve our solution for years to come.


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Module Entreposage de CourrierPRO

New CourrierPRO Warehousing Module

CourierPRO Launches New Warehouse Management Functionality

gestion et suivi des colis de CourrierPRO par ProgressionLIVE

Warehousing Module


In the last year, we worked on programming a new warehouse management module. So, we recently launched the Warehousing module, which is now available to CourrierPRO users who wish to purchase it. Contact Technical Support for pricing and training by our Project Manager.

As a CourrierPRO user, the Warehousing module lets you, among other things, rent space in your warehouse, manage inventory and make deliveries for your customers. So you can send and receive inventory from your customers and charge for the space in your warehouse.

Warehousing Module

Indeed, our CourrierPRO software allows you to make stock receipts, to process the orders of your customers and to charge monthly rent for the space occupied by your customers. You are able to manage your warehouses, locations and quantities of products (pallets, parcels, units) of your customers.

Using the module, the billing of storage charges is simple and easy to use. You are therefore able to charge your customers for rent. In addition to invoicing a receipt or a shipment of stock, by product type.

Finally, your customers may also have access to a web portal. The latter allows customers to view their inventory of products in your warehouses and see their invoices. The web portal also offers the possibility to generate reports.


About CourrierPRO

Logo de CourrierPRO par ProgressionLIVE

CourrierPRO is a management software specialized in transport and logistics efficient for tracking parcels and pallets. Reference in transport and logistics for over 35 years in Quebec, CourrierPRO was acquired in May 2017 by Diffusion Solutions Intégrées, which also develops ProgressionLIVE dispatch software.



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Acquisiton de CourrierPRO

ProgressionLIVE acquires CourrierPRO

The transaction between Diffusion Integrated Solutions and Logimpact is confirmed!

M. Alain Lavoie - CourrierPro, à gauche M. Louis-Philippe Poulin - ProgressoinLIVE, à droite

Mr Alain Lavoie — CourrierPro (left) Mr Louis-Philippe Poulin — ProgressionLIVE (right)

Trois-Rivières, May 1st, 2017 – ProgressionLIVE.com’s owners announce the acquisition of Logimpact, developer of the CourrierPRO software and reference in the field of transportation and logistics for more than 35 years in Quebec.

Already present in several courier and transport companies, the ProgressionLIVE solution continues to expand with this first acquisition, aimed at strengthening its customer base and increasing its presence in the transport and logistics sector.

Already a collaborator with the ProgressionLIVE team for more than seven years, Mr. Alain Lavoie, owner of Logimpact, was looking for dynamic entrepreneurs who wanted to take over his business in order to continue serving his loyal customers and also continue the development of his product, CourrierPRO.

Mr. Lavoie and his team will continue to work on the development of CourrierPRO and will be supported by a team of more than 20 ProgressionLIVE professionals, which will accelerate the various stages to commercialization.

“We have been working with Mr. Lavoie for many years and his expertise in transportation and logistics will be very valuable to meet the growing needs of SMEs in this industry. We plan to double the number of customers over the next five years and become the reference solution in the field of transportation for the distribution of parcels and pallets “, explains Mr. Louis-Philippe Poulin, founding President of ProgressionLIVE.


Founded in 2006, ProgressionLIVE offers a turnkey solution for distribution and electronic forms running on mobile devices. Ideal for service and transportation companies, the solution is used by more than 250 customers across Canada.

ProgressionLIVE allows you to replace many paper forms with a mobile application. Timesheets, service calls, delivery notes, orders can be entered directly on the road, eliminating paper and allowing fast transfer of information.

To date, ProgressionLIVE manages more than 50,000 daily interventions and is used by thousands of employees on the road.


Originally created in 1979, the CourrierPRO software has become a reference for the management of transport companies. More than 50 customers annually handle nearly 3 million transportation orders. From pricing to package tracking, CourrierPRO offers a complete solution for the management, operations and tracking of packages and pallets.

From an order made by telephone or electronic, all the steps of the business process of the company are processed: pricing, distribution, electronic signature, real-time tracking, billing and billing. archiving.

CourrierPRO also offers warehousing, scanning, online commerce (WEB services) and transactional website solutions.


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