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Topics that will be covered in your LIVE demo with our expert

Our dispatch solution expertise is distinguished by our years of experience and our many customers and users who enrich the ProgressionLIVE experience.

Find out who our customers are and how they use our solution to determine if ProgressionLIVE can meet your needs and expectations.

Beyond dispatching and electronic work orders, discover the many features and integrations available at ProgressionLIVE, such as accounting software and Zapier.

Discover the benefits of ProgressionLIVE and the many challenges that our solution can solve, including the standardization of your work methods.

Learn how to create, dispatch and progress a task in real time, by requesting your LIVE demo of our web interface and our mobile application.

ProgressionLIVE is used by all of our drivers and our subcontractors. This allowed us to increase our efficiency and reduce our transportation cost of more than 15% annually.

Jean-François Bherer

Director at Manderley (Alberta, Ontario and Quebec)

More reasons to ask for a demo

Benefits of participating in a ProgressionLIVE demo

  • Ask your questions live

The demonstration, being live, allows you to ask your questions to our expert in real time, until all questions are answered.

  • Demo by a real person

Unlike other solutions, we take the time necessary to provide an overview and answer all of your questions. Each demo is unique!

  • Create. Dispatch. Progress.

Our expert will do an overview of our web interface and mobile application to show you how to create, dispatch and advance a work order.

  • 30 minutes to meet your needs

At the end of the demo, you will be able to find out if our solution meets your needs and how it can optimize your productivity!

  • Attend before your free trial

The demo will allow you to understand the basics of its use, which will be very useful for you in a future 14-day free trial.

  • Examples of use cases by our customers

During the demo, our expert will discuss the main sectors of activity targeted by our solution and some use cases by our customers.

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