Update Android 2.13 (Google Play)

Update Android 2.5 (Google Play) | ProgressionLIVE

New version of our Android mobile app on Google Play !

This ProgressionLIVE Android 2.13 update is mainly about the timesheet module. We update regularly to provide you with a better experience with ProgressionLIVE dispatch software.

Direct time entry
In previous Android versions, time entries had to be done by specifying a start time and an end time. However, some users wanted to be able to enter a number of hours into a time entry without having to set a start and end time. We have therefore decided to comply with this request by allowing a direct time entry.

Changes to the labels of an item
Before this update, ProgressionLVIE users saw the description of an item act as the product name on an invoice. In facts, the name and the description of the items should correspond respectively to the name and description of the products. So, we changed the label “Description” of an item to “Name”. In addition, we added a “Description” field. In short, this new feature of ProgressionLIVE reduces confusion in drafting and interpreting invoices.

Show/hide fields
Some users requested that it be possible to hide or display certain fields depending on the type of task. Thus, it is now possible to change your account settings to enable this feature. We invite you to contact ProgressionLIVE Technical Support to help you configure this feature. Indeed, it would be possible to select the fields to display or deselect the fields to hide. In short, the fields that will be able to determine the display in the web version are “Priority”, “Summary” and “Description”. This feature can allow you to purge or enrich your task list.

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