Web update 4.63 of our software

Web update 4.59 of our software | ProgressionLIVE

New version of our web platform of ProgressionLIVE !

This Web Update 4.63 is mainly about adding option buttons to the Linked Tasks module. We update regularly to provide you with a better experience with ProgressionLIVE dispatch software.

Web Update 4.63

This update will be deployed starting June 11, 2018.

Adding the Link to a Task and Unlink Task(s) options

Since the launch of our Linked Tasks module, we have received many suggestions from our users. Better known as Sub-Tasks or Parent-Kids, this module allows you to associate tasks with a main task. Among the suggestions received, the request for a function to link or untie one or more tasks with a single click was the one that was most requested. Thus, if this module is activated in your account, you will see two new buttons: Link to a task and Unlink task(s). Indeed, to link one task to another, just open a “no parent” task, click on the Link to a task button and enter the main task. It is also possible to right-click on a task in List view and click Link to a task in the context menu. Then, the same principle applies to untying one or more tasks, besides the fact that one must select a task already linked to a main task and click on Unlink Task(s).

If the Linked Tasks module is not enabled in your account, please contact Technical Support.

Change the order of the buttons in Manage

We noticed that some buttons were used more by our users than others in the Mange menu. For example, the Product, Price Lists, and Product Categories buttons have been moved up in the left window. In fact, the Products button will now appear under Equipments, the Price Lists button under Products and the Product Category button under Price List. In short, by default, the new order is: Clients, Locations, Contacts, Users, Human Resources, Products, Price Lists, Product Category, and so on.

Saved state change

As users of the ProgressionLIVE web interface, some wanted it to be possible to change the state of a task to save without having to confirm with the Change State button. Thus, we modified the procedure to allow the saving of a change of state to the backup of the task. In short, a confirmation Change the status of the task to [selected status]? will now be displayed when the Change State button has not been clicked due to a state change and a user is saving the job.

Adding a link to

Like the link to ScreenConnect used by our project managers and support agents, a link to the webmeeting platform we use was very useful for facilitating communication. Thus, we added a link to the platform to join a webmeeting with one of our experts. Once the code provided by one of our project managers or technical support agents, just click on Zoom and join the webmeeting.

Bug fixes

We have fixed some bugs.

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