6th edition of Méchoui of Saint-Alexis-des-Monts

6th edition of Méchoui of Saint-Alexis-des-Monts | ProgressionLIVE

The rain didn’t stop the festivities in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts!

ProgressionLIVE was, for a 6th year in a row, official sponsor of the traditional Méchoui of Saint-Alexis-des-Monts. The event took place on September 2nd in a similar temperature to last year’s edition. However, it is not the unpleasantness of Mother Nature that would prevent the 140 employees, customers, partners and friends from feasting on this annual meeting.

There was not only mechoui on the menu!

– Upon arrival, delicious poutine was offered by Nathalie, a ProgressionLIVE employee and her husband, Jean-Sébastien.

– A little before supper, Louis-Philippe, Dorlay and Audrey had prepared spring rolls with a sauce to lick our fingers.

– In accompaniment of the gourmet méchoui, prepared by Rémi, Guy and Guy-Olivier, the guests were entitled to many salads made by Gabrielle and Manon.

– What about desserts, delectable donuts and homemade ice cream sandwiches, concocted by Gabrielle.

– All this good food was accompanied by gin cocktails from the distillery Wabasso, made by Guyaume!

– Finally, at the end of the evening, Jean-Sébastien and Nathalie had put their hands in the dough by preparing succulent potato chips with different flavors.



What would a mechoui be without music and games?

Between services and later in the evening, guests were able to attend many performances by the Jeff Patry Band, accompanied by our drummer-in-residence and ProgressionLIVE employee Mathieu. These last ones gave a whole spectacle, although our dear Mathieu fought a virus. In addition, guests were able to have fun at various games, including inflatable games for youngs and olds.


A word from the organizer

Despite uncertain weather and high risk of rain, we were so prepared that everything went very smoothly! The band was excellent, the food excellent and the mechoui, one of the most tender of the recent years! – Louis Philippe Poulin

Special Thanks

The Méchoui of Saint-Alexis-des-Monts would like to thank Alexandre for the logistics of the event and Jean-Gabriel for the realization of the following video:

Thank you all and see you next year!

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