Copying information between the client file and the task with ProgressionLIVE: Best practices and use cases

One of the main objectives of adopting a digital solution to manage its operations is obviously to gain efficiency and therefore to avoid doing tasks that could simply be automated.

For example, the copying of information between different entities can now be automated thanks to ProgressionLIVE.

This article presents a few use cases frequently used by our customers that you could implement yourself in our new automation module.

Copy the email addresses of the contacts from the customer file

Is this for you? : Your customers have several contacts with different addresses. You must inform several people of the progress of the job by email.

Use case: Mary creates a new task for a client. The owner is never present at the job site, but he wants to be aware of the progress. When creating the task, the primary contact field (the owner in this case) is automatically copied into the task.

Best Practices: Combine this automation with our sending email automation to always notify the right people.

You can enter several emails in the same email field. Just separate them with a comma (,). When copying, all addresses contained in the field will be copied to the task.

Copy important information from the customer file

Is this for you? : Your customer records contain important information that you need to share with your employees (for example, an alarm system code, a watchdog warning, etc.)

Use case: Denis creates a task for the replacement of an alarm system. The technician must be informed of the current code in order to perform the job. When creating the task, the alarm system code contained in the customer file is copied to the task.

Best practices: Thanks to the application, technicians have access to the customer file. However, when you want to make sure the information is clearly visible, it is best to copy it to the task.

Copy the phone number of an important contact

Is this for you? : In the event of a problem on a site, it is important to quickly contact a manager. It may be useful to notify a manager by text message of the progress of the job or the arrival of the technician.

Use case: Chantale creates a task that requires alerting a security guard before she arrives. The guardian’s number is contained in the customer file and is copied to the task when it is created.

Best practices: It is recommended to combine this automation with our sending text messages automation to notify the right people as quickly as possible.

If different types of job require contacting different people, it is best to create a field for each contact in the customer card.

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