Customer satisfaction

Survey your customers quickly and easily.

This feature helps you understand what your customers think about your quality of service. Create and send surveys to the people who matter to your business. Adjust and analyze the results as they evolve.

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How to create survey campaigns with ProgressionLIVE?

Create your survey campaign

Choose from our survey templates that are optimized to ensure a high response rate and send them to your customers.

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Send your survey to your customers

Your customers will receive an easy and quick survey. You won’t have to write your survey, because we already did. Our clean interface is built to maximize engagement and response rates.

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Collect and analyze the results

ProgressionLIVE analyzes the results and provides you with clear answers. It gives you insights about your customers quickly and easily.

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Curious how satisfied your customers are?

The customer satisfaction module is available, order now!

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