Catégorie de fonctionnalités: Basic features

Customer satisfaction

Are your customers satisfied? Our customer satisfaction module enables you to gauge the level of satisfaction your customers have regarding your services.   Don’t wait


The best route every time! Let Progression sequence your day optimally. Save time and money! Stop wasting time planning the day. Assign tasks to the


Plan and share your tasks with your team using our scheduling calendar.   See the real-time evolution of your workday. Modify priorities or add last-minute

Mobile billing

The sooner you invoice, the sooner you get paid. Generate invoices and work orders from the Progression mobile app. Email the invoice and receive real-time

Text message notifications

Notifications Do you enjoy waiting for a technician who doesn’t show up?   Neither do your customers! Notify your customers via text message (SMS) or

Planning and distribution

Plan your tasks and share them with your team using our distribution calendar. Monitor the progress of your workday in real-time. Change priorities or add

Photo shooting

In-App Photos Effortlessly document every task performed. Photos taken with Progression are transmitted within seconds to your management system. Get a demo Viewing photos and

Work orders

Create your electronic work orders on our web interface and complete them on your mobile device.   Fill out your work orders in Progression, add

Submission management

Submission management Efficiently handle your submissions with Progression. From creation to acceptance, monitor each step of your submission and receive notifications as needed. Automatically convert

Electronic signature

Acquire the electronic signature of your customers directly within the application, whether for the validation of a quote or the confirmation of completed work. Get