Update iOS 1.43 (iPhone, iPad, Apple Store)

Update iOS 1.32 (iPhone

New version of our iOS mobile app on Apple Store !

This ProgressionLIVE iOS 1.43 update is mainly about adding a preview button in a web browser. We update regularly to provide you with a better experience with ProgressionLIVE dispatch software.

Update iOS 1.43

This update will be deployed starting June 11, 2018.

Adding a preview button in a web browser

Some users have expressed interest in having a preview button in a web browser for a work order to manipulate it outside the ProgressionLIVE mobile app. For example, they want to be able to print it, save it to the phone, or email it from third-party apps on the mobile device. In short, when you open the Print Preview window (Printer) in a job, a new Preview button in a browser (Arrow) is now to the left of the Printer icon. At click, you can have access to two versions: computer or mobile, allowing you two different displays. You will be able to manipulate with an application on your mobile device.

Showing the first 50 items without searching

Users of the ProgressionLIVE mobile app will now see the first 50 items displayed when the search engine window is displayed. This display will be active for “catalogs” of products, customers, locations and equipment. For example, when a user wants to add a product from the catalog to billing and clicks Product Catalog, the first 50 items will be displayed without having to perform a search.

Bug fixes

We have fixed various bugs.

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