Web 4.76 Update will be deployed on your account

Web 4.76 Update will be deployed on your account | ProgressionLIVE

A new web version of ProgressionLIVE will be released soon!

This Web 4.76 Update  is mainly about the modulation of some features. We update regularly to provide you with a better experience with ProgressionLIVE dispatch software.

Web 4.76 Update

This update will be deployed starting November 10, 2019.

Modulation of some features

We continued to work on the modulation of some of our features. This allows you to hide options, fields and tabs that you don’t need. This time, we have improved the modulation of recurrences, signature, PLight and attachments.

New permission to create items without product

We have created a new permission to create items in the invoice without going through the product catalog. In other words, if the new permission is disabled, you must go through the product catalog to add an item to the invoice.

Bug fixes

We have fixed some bugs.

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