Launch of our new website

Launch of our new website | ProgressionLIVE

Designed to optimize your productivity

ProgressionLIVE is proud to present its new website with renewed design and content that has been completely redesigned and enriched. Realized by our marketing team, the new is distinguished by its sleek modern design that follows the latest trends in the web and by its optimization for search engines.

The new ProgressionLIVE website is for small and medium businesses that want to eliminate paper forms to maximize productivity. Thus, with a more intuitive and user-friendly configuration, users will have easier access to relevant information about our dispatch software.

Among other things, we changed the navigation of our menu to highlight ProgressionLIVE’s features and blog. We also added a button to make an appointment for a presentation of the software by an expert. Enhanced and added features include:

  • The addition of the packages on our homepage for a quicker visualization of our service offer in a transparent way;
  • The addition of video testimonials from our customers;
  • Adding a contact form on our homepage so you can write to us faster;
  • An update of the members of our team;
  • An update of our partners;
  • The addition of an easily accessible Features page, which presents the ProgressionLIVE features in detail;
  • Adding a “Blog” page in the menu, displaying our blog posts;

In short, our new website is more intuitive and allows you to get information about ProgressionLIVE faster. This redesign will improve the user experience of visitors on our website, while allowing you to optimize your productivity.

Looking forward to receiving your comments,


The ProgressionLIVE Marketing Team



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